Did you know dogs can help you live a longer, better life?

With a dog around, 54% of adults are more likely to get the recommended physical activity. Arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, and risks involved with a sedentary lifestyle? Less likely to be problems!

Want to visit "the cool kids"?

As the record on Worldwide Pet Ownership shows, there are millions of dogs around the world. In the US, for one, 69,000,000 million dogs exist.

And guess what? That number only covers the dogs that were reported by their owners.

Stray dogs — and there are a lot of them — are not included!

Now, do you want to learn more about the dogs out there? Remember, each one has a story to tell!

Dogs versus hoomans

Dogs = 125 to 300 million scent glands

Hoomans = 5 million scent glands

Score? It's a landslide win!

Dogs = 1, Hoomans = 0

Fun Fact #1:

Need an explanation about a dog’s night vision superpower?

It’s their whiskers — their whiskers help them see better at night. These features can pick up the subtlest changes in air current.

The result? Dogs receive information such as the shape, size, and speed of things in their environment.

Fun fact #2:

Dogs have 4x better hearing skills.

Dogs can tilt, rotate, lower — and do more — with their ears. That’s because they have about 18 muscles in each ear.

And thanks to the muscles in their ears, they can detect a frequency range of 67 to 45,000 hertz and hear high-pitched sounds.

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Dogs are amazing, right?

They help keep us healthy, they're winners, and they're fun to be with. That's not even all there is to it!

So are you in the mood to check out some dogs?