This blog is about the adventures of dogs. Hence, the portmanteau “arf” and “ventures”.

It’s built on the idea that each dog is unique, and therefore, has a story to tell.

After all, dogs embark on lots of adventures — all day, every day! Whether what’s in front of them is something so mundane, doesn’t matter. They’ll still have fun. And well, we want to share them here.

Here’s a piece of evidence:

A picture of Alex and Jackie having their own arfventure!

This right here is a picture of my puppies, Alex and Jackie. Even if what’s in front of them is garbage (leaf), they still seem to passionately dig into it.

The original game plan revolved around creating and publishing high-quality dog-related content — a lot and more often. Unfortunately, though, some obligations and new career twists got in the way of that. But we’ll cope with what we’ve been served.

For now, ArfVentures will be a mini passion project. We’ll update the blog regularly, of course.

What will we post?

Here’s a list of categories:

And whatever we find share-worthy! You may also contact us if you have a topic that you want us to look into.

Who operates this blog?

Oh yeah, to keep this blog up and running, three gatekeepers exist.

Gatekeeper #1

There’s Hazel.

She’s in charge of managing ArfVenture’s social media accounts. We’ve created homes on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest — and take care of them, she will! 

She adores dogs — and Charley (cat who’s taking a bath at this very moment). She has a lot of love to give to her beloved furry friends.

Here’s a picture of one of them — Belle:

What makes her the queen in this department? She’s friendly, sociable, and everything pleasant, really! 

We’ve been best friends for a while now. Since I started working online, she’s been one of my go-to’s. Right now, we’re hustling at different industries. She works in the BPO industry and like always, she remains chill.

Gatekeeper #2

Then there’s Meo.

I also met him when we were working as writers for some content writing site in 2014. And ever since, he’s been one of my best friends.

He built his way to the top and now he’s a rockstar writer. He’s the CFO of MACH4, the Founder and Managing Director of A Million Words Later, and more.

We did this project because, like me and Hazel, he adores dogs!

Meo and his dog, Lucky

This is his dog, Lucky!

And other than share the adventures of his awesome dog, Lucky, he’s here to handle the technical stuff and provide expert advice and fix rookie mistakes on things that are far beyond what Hazel and I can handle.

Gatekeeper #3

Then there’s me. I’m Tanya.

I work as a freelance online web content writer — mainly for GoSmrk and under Christopher Jan Benitez. And on the side, I create regular stock content / email newsletter content for Search Engine Pros, under the management of Taylor Reaume

One reason I decided to put up this blog is to share random pictures of my dogs and puppies. I adore dogs and puppies and dog memes and dog videos and everything dog! The dogs I live with are as follows:

  • Baby Boy
  • Miss Cathy
  • Esteban
  • Casey
  • Alex
  • Jackie

Some awesome dog

Want to guess this dog’s name from the names listed above?

Looking forward to the future

So… This is us and this is what ArfVentures is about. We’ll slowly haul in lots of interesting content here, do more, and we hope this project goes well!


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