Along came ASCII

Hi, meet ASCII (pronouced: as-kee). We got him at a store in Manila. At first my whole family was hesitant to take care of pets, but when ASCII came along,…
Zorro the Poop Eater

Zorro The Poop Eater

Zorro was one of the three puppies given to us to replace our two deceased dogs. They both died due to old age – they were 10 and 12 years…


Dog Parent's Name: Dianne and Minda Jarder

It’s Jackie!

Today, I discovered Jackie loves looking pretty in front of the camera. This is a nice and on-point (kinda) discovery considering I named her after Jackie Burkhart from That 70s…
Is Gardening With Your Dogs a Good Idea_ (1)

Is Gardening With Your Dogs a Good Idea?

Want to be with your dog 24/7? Then it’s understandable you want to include them in every daily activity. And while the thought of having them take part in a…