7 Homemade Boredom Busters That You Can Make With a T-Shirt

Boredom Busters For Your Dogs

True or false? Boredom can shrink your dog’s brain.

Sadly, research says it’s true. Chronic boredom leads to a decline in brain function for your four-legged friend.

A silver lining is you can easily do something about it: Give them toys that will keep them entertained.

So, here’s a list of homemade boredom busters that you can make with a t-shirt:

1. T-Shirt Wrapped Cereal Box

Cereal Inside T-Shirt - ArfVentures Materials:

  • Cereal box (filled with mini treats)


  1. Wrap a used t-shirt around it.

2. T-Shirt-Wrapped Bottle

Bottle Wrapped in T-Shirt - ArfVentures Materials:

  • Empty water bottle


  1. Wrap a used t-shirt around the water bottle.

3. Tee n’ Treats

T-Shirt and Treats - ArfVentures Materials:

  • Mini treats (a handful)


  1. Place the treats at the center of the used t-shirt. Then tightly tie a knot.

4. T-Ball & T-Shirt

Tennis Ball and T-Shirt - ArfVentures Materials:

  • Tennis ball


  1. Wrap a used t-shirt around it.

5. Braided T-Shirt Rope Toy

Braided Rope - ArfVentures Materials:

  • None


  1. Prepare three used t-shirts.
  2. Tie a knot on opposite ends of a shirt so you can use each shirt like strands of hair. Be sure to do this for all three shirts.
  3. Place three shirts (or strands) next to each other.
  4. Start braiding from one end to the other.

6. Tennis Ball Puzzle

Puzzle with Tennis Ball and Treats - ArfVentures Materials:

  • Tennis ball
  • Sharp object (preferably a knife)
  • Mini treats (3-5 pieces)


  1. Use a sharp object to cut open a small hole (enough to fit the mini treats you’re about to slip in) in the tennis ball.
  2. Place the treat-filled tennis ball at the center of the used t-shirt. Then, wrap the t-shirt around it.

7. Potato Rope Toy

Sweet Potato Dog Toy - ArfVentures Materials:

  • Dried sweet potato


  1. Place the sweet dried potato at the center of the used t-shirt.
  2. Tightly wrap the t-shirt around the dried sweet potato.

Final thoughts

No used t-shirt lying around your house? Good thing is, you can improvise!

You can use an old sock, rag, towel, what have you. Consider, though, how your dog would react to a specific toy inside a t-shirt. Remember, not all dogs react the same way — specifically, not all dogs like the same toys.

Take this, for example: Your 2-year old Belgian Malinois puppy may be all over a tennis ball. But, don’t get so shocked if your friend’s Shih Tzu couldn’t care less about it.

One dog’s treasure is another dog’s trash, right?

Hope you had fun with this post. Feel free to share it with your friends and family.

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