10 Facts about Cathy

Cathy is looking at you

What my shirt says:

I live with the prettiest dog in the world!!!

Yep, that’s mine.

Meet Cathy.

1. First order of business: Pee beside an electrical socket

Cathy as a baby
This is a picture of her as a baby

I can’t remember the exact date Cathy waltzed into my life. I can remember, though, the fact that I wanted nothing to do with her. She is a chocolate labrador, and she was — still is — a pretty one. But want or need a new dog, I did not.

And as if my reluctance to have her wasn’t enough, she thought it was a good idea to urinate beside an electrical socket. At the sight of the wet area, I experienced a mini heart attack — all the while crossing my fingers that nothing will explode.

2. She celebrates lots of “birthdays”

Cathy is always a star
Cathy is always a star

Because I have no idea when her actual birthday is, it’s her birthday when someone in the family celebrates a birthday.

3. She’s Cat, the dog

Cathy is shocked
She always looks shocked

Like I said, I didn’t want her when she first came to my house. And it’s the reason why I gave her a ridiculous name.

Names like Elephant and Giraffe crossed my mind. I ultimately settled with Cat.

4. Her full first name is Catherine

Either shocked or drunk
Shocked or drunk

As soon as I realized I liked having her around, I started to call her Catherine — sometimes Cathy and Miss Cathy. I heard a family member calling her Cathilda, too.

5. She likes to see what people are doing

Cathy spies on other people
That’s me and Cathy who’s minding someone else’s business

Do you know that before someone opens the door in some apartments, they first look through this tiny hole to see who’s the person at the opposite side?

Yes, they do. And you can call this tiny hole a spyhole or a peephole. Or a door viewer.

Well, there’s this door viewer that allows Cathy to check out what the neighbor is doing. And mind you, she uses it often.

6. She stinks

Cathy stinks
Cathy’s stink used to rub off on others

She used to anyway. It’s as if she has a signature odor.

Turns out she has Giardiasis or parasitic diarrhea. So when she started taking a safe dosage of Ivermectin, an anti-parasitic medication, that stink went away.

7. She’s friendly (although it might not seem like it)

Cathy sometimes looks shy
Sometimes, she looks shy

She plays with rats and cockroaches — and ends up killing them.

Disgusting fact: Once, I found a dead critter next to me.

8. She really loves food

She loves food
Did someone say food?

I believe, if given the chance, she won’t stop eating. Whenever she sees me with a bag of chips, she goes wherever I go.

9. She won’t have sour mango

Cathy hates sour mango
I love sour mangoes! She doesn’t

But while she loves food, no sour mango, please. Or anything, sour really.

Before knowing this tidbit, I once gave her sour mango. And I started laughing so hard when she spit it out.

10. She loves her babies

Her babies are Alex, Esteban, Casey, and Jackie.

Jackie is one of her puppies
That’s Jackie

Before her babies entered the picture, she slept on a folding bed inside my room. But now, she keeps the little ones company throughout the night.

Be Cathy’s Facebook friend?

I made a Facebook account for her as a way of organizing her pictures. Feel free to add her and be her friend.

Lucky’s owner and Yelle are friends with her!

Here’s the link to that account:

Cathy’s Facebook profile

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