Top 8 Facts about Marilyn

Golden Retriever - Marilyn
Golden Retriever - Marilyn

My Grandma purchased my favorite breed of dog: a Golden Retriever, on the 25th of August 2016. As a pup, she was so adorable and friendly. We got used to each other since the first five days after adoption.

1. Marilyn Is The Name

I named her Marilyn after I browsed through the internet for a lovely name. It took her only four days before she started responding to the name.

2. Marilyn Is A Golden One

Characteristics? She is very intelligent and adorable.

Plus, Marilyn has a beautiful feathery double-coated skin — so stressful to groom. She also has large dark brown eyes, relatively short ears hanging down close to her ears, scissors-like teeth, and a brownish-black nose. 

3. Purchasing The First Crate For Marilyn

Marilyn in her Crate

As a pup, Marilyn doesn’t like to stay in her crate at night. She will cry for hours until I pick her up.

4. She Loves To Get Involved

My mum, brother, and I use to work in the garden in the evening. And Marilyn is like a burden to us whenever we are at the garden working.

She wants to get our attention — as if telling us she wants to play and help. While adorable, this insistence of getting our attention slows us down most times.

5. She Loves To Hunt

Marilyn hunts rats, squirrel, and rabbits. And her hunting abilities don’t come off as a surprise. That’s because we know about her breed’s inherent traits: a fondness for hunting.

6. Marilyn Hates Oreo

Marilyn Hates Oreo

I don’t get why she hates Oreo (our neighbor’s cat). But she does.

She barks at her non-stop and whenever I visit my neighbor, Marilyn doesn’t follow me.

7. She Loves Sporting Activities

Marilyn loves any competition, game, or hunt.  She is so intelligent that she grabs most — if not, all — of the instructions during training.

8. She Loves Water

She loves water

Marilyn loves taking her bath, which makes grooming easier for me. But forcing her to take a bath is a terrible idea: she finds it annoying!

Summing It Up

Marilyn is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. She is more than just a pet. I consider her part of our family.

Marilyn is Deborah’s dog!

Deborah Martins is a freelance web content writer. She writes mainly on pet and other niches.

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