Is Gardening With Your Dogs a Good Idea?

Gardening with Your Dogs

Want to be with your dog 24/7?

Then it’s understandable you want to include them in every daily activity. And while the thought of having them take part in a certain activity is outstanding, you can’t rule out the fact that dogs can be rascals.

Say, you want to embark on gardening. But… Is it an excellent idea to get into it with them? In this article, let’s find out.

Let’s find out whether it’s the right call to start this hobby.

Why should you get into gardening with your dogs?

Fact: Gardening leads to a happier life.

Longing for more happiness in your life? Want to get in better shape physically and mentally?

Then start this health-wise hobby.

Here are three physical and mental health benefits of gardening:

  • Reduces mood disturbances – It boosts your mood. And as a result, it converts your negative outlook into positive thoughts
  • Lowers blood pressure – It counts as physical exercise. It prevents health problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle
  • Promotes stress relief – It helps you relax and makes you feel less tired

It’s unquestionable that gardening can benefit you. The issue is you’re a dog parent.

Between the benefits you can get out of gardening and your unconditional love for your dogs, you may have a problem.

Benefits of gardening with your dogs

Gardening with dogs seems problematic. A closer look, though, will tell you it’s not. 

Put simply, you should garden with your dogs because gardening can also benefit their health.

Here are the ways:

  • Prevents the development of dog behavioral problems – Aggressive barking, for example, is because of excess energy. To help them release this pumped-up energy, allow them to run around keeps your garden.
  • Fights anxiety and depression – Being outdoors keeps their mental wellness sharp. Plus, hanging out with you — or someone they like — increases their self-esteem.
  • Improves their physical health – Like you, dogs also need regular exercise. Allow them to run around and play in your garden.

Tips that can help you make the most out of gardening with your dogs

While your focus is on creating a beautiful garden, your dogs focus on something entirely different.

Sorry to break it to you, but their primary mission — despite being called your assistants — is to run and play and bask under the sun If they end up destroying your garden, don’t take it personally.

So, rather than get frustrated with your dogs’ happy-go-lucky attitude, here’s how what you can do:

  • Build pathways – Make ways for your dog to pass. Otherwise, they’ll walk on top of your plants.
  • Create a fence – Explicitly send a message to your dog that they can’t go through a particular area.
  • Put up barrier plants – For example, plant a cactus around areas that are off-limits to them.

Final thoughts

As you can tell by the abovementioned discussions, yes, gardening with your dogs is an excellent idea. The best part about it? 

It lights up both ends of the candle. Both you and your dogs benefit! 

One amazing garden for you. And as for them, one worthwhile activity!

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